About Us

Jim Williams, President & CEO, Williams Telecommunications Corp.
At Williams Telecommunications Corp., the barriers of geographical restraint are non-existent as our main objective is to be as responsive to our clients as possible – regardless of their location. It is through our worldwide network of authorized dealers and certified telephone equipment technicians that prompt, efficient and convenient service is guaranteed to all of our customers. With unmatched customer service and a focus on future technology, Williams offers the most innovative phone systems and telephone equipment to Canadian businesses, keeping your company ahead of the curve.

Providing telephone equipment for various phone systems available in Canada such as Nortel, Avaya, VoIP and other Voice Over IP Systems, Williams Telecommunications ensures your business is equipped with a cutting-edge in communications technology at competitive prices. These innovative products ensure not only connectivity, but reliability as well.

To back the reliability of our telephone equipment, Williams is also the proprietor of Canada’s leading state-of-the-art telephone equipment and phone systems repair facility. Servicing a wide range of products from such as Nortel, Avaya, VOIP, and other Voice Over IP Systems, Williams works hard to ensure your business is always running.

Distributing the most innovative products and services, we also offer a complete line of peripheral products for telephone equipment, phone systems and IP phone systems, from established manufactures such as Nortel, Avaya and VOIP. While our inventory of new technologies is vast and diverse, our extensive remanufactured stock allows our customers to enjoy great value, as well as the comprehensive warranty that accompanies all new phone system purchases.

Aspiring to address the needs of businesses large and small, our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff will provide smart solutions customized to meet our clients’ unique and diverse needs. Increasing productivity is a goal we all commonly share. At Williams Telecommunications, we strive to facilitate just that. With a specialized team dedicated to researching, testing and evaluating the newest telephone equipment, phone system, and Voice Over IP system products on the marketplace, our clients can be confident that they are receiving the latest and best that the industry has to offer.