The Fireworx Unified Communications Server is a versatile IP PBX with a wide range of comprehensive features that is an ideal telecommunications solution for all types of businesses. Offering full PBX functionality, the Fireworx UCS is a robust system focused on ease of use while providing highly flexible interoperability and mobility capabilities.

Performance & Reliability

Built from the ground up with both performance and reliability in mind. The Fireworx is a fault tolerant system incorporating redundancy in critical hardware components including power, memory and data storage devices. The software applications used by the system are constantly being worked on by developers and any bugs or security issues are promptly patched. Additionally the system can be backed up either manually or on a pre-configured schedule to a local storage device, a remote location or the cloud.


An extremely powerful and well-integrated system, the Fireworx is capable of providing comprehensive services for up to 2500 extensions. With advanced Unified Messaging capabilities, Skills-based ACD including detailed reports and FAX integration the Fireworx is an all-in-one solution ready to handle all of your telecommunications needs.


Supporting a wide variety of devices such as telephones, paging equipment, intercoms, ACD wallboards, as well as numerous VoIP protocols the Fireworx offers the greatest of flexibility available to configure your telecommunications solution.


VoIP has broken down the traditional geographical barriers previously encountered by telecommunications systems. With the Fireworx you can have extensions of your UCS anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether it's a desk phone at a home office, a satellite office or an app on your smartphone you can always be connected and never miss another important call.


In business today convenience and efficiency is critical. The Fireworx UCS was designed to be easily configured via an intuitive web based user interface. This allows Telecommunications Administrators or the person looking after your system to access the system to make changes or do maintenance from anywhere in the world with nothing more than internet access and a web browser. Individual users will also benefit from the simple to configure but powerful personal customization options the Fireworx offers such as Call Forward, Follow-Me, Personal IVR, ACD, Voicemail and more.

Return on Investment

As the saying goes 'It takes money, to make money' and in business you can increase your cash flow by either increasing your earnings or reducing your costs. The Fireworx can help you with both! Taking advantage of VoIP technology you can achieve great savings on your monthly phone service and long distance calling bills. Utilizing the features built into the Fireworx can help reduce costs further. For example, if you configure the FAX option to receive your faxes directly to your email inbox, you no longer require dedicated FAX machines. Meaning no more paper and toner, junk faxes can easily be deleted instead of being used for scrap paper, a little less power consumption, potentially eliminating dedicated FAX lines, not to mention one less machine for your local tech to deal with. Every business is unique and so are the financial benefits the Fireworx will offer to each. To find out how the Fireworx can increase your cash flow, please complete our Contact US form for more information and to obtain a customized quotation and benefit analysis.