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Powerful Sound, Rugged Construction

The latest addition to Bogenʼs A-Series all-weather speaker family, theA12 Loudspeaker features a more powerful, more focused driver complement for use in larger, outdoor public spaces and with higher ambient sound levels. Unique technologies produce the highest sound quality in the most durable and reliable loudspeakers. The A12ʼs rugged construction resists water, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making it the ideal choice for any outdoor application, including theme and water parks,
amphitheaters and athletic fields, seaside locations and marine use. The A12 is compatible with low-impedance and 70V systems, and is rated 225 watts @16 ohms and 128 watts @70V. Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT); and  Magnetic  Liquid  Suspension  (MLS)
make  these  drivers extremely weather-resistant while still providing smooth, accurate sound over the speakers entire coverage area.

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