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Bogen’s A-Series Armadillo loudspeakers feature unique technologies  that  improve  sound  quality  and  operating  reliability. Attractively styled, they are engineered for both indoor and outdoor  applications.  The  A8  models  are  high-output,  2-way designs for larger spaces such as clubs, auditoriums, and theme parks. Its high audio intelligibility and superb articulation make it ideal  for  music  or  paging  applications.  The  A8  models  also feature MDT (Metal Diaphragm Technology) and MLS (Magnetic Liquid Suspension).

MDT (Metal Diaphragm Technology):
•   High rigidity and low mass of metal versus traditional papers and plastics
•   Extremely stable cone structure over long periods of time
•   Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means low energy storage
•   Special anodizing process creates a ceramic coating for increased stiffness
•   Efficient heat-sinking of voice coils under long-term, high-power situations

MLS (Magnetic Liquid Suspension):
•   Voice coil is constantly centered for lower distortion
•   Voice coil is more efficiently heat-sinked by fluid instead of air
•   Greater linearity is accomplished because the mechanical spider is eliminated
•   Constant lubrication of the gap prevents oxidation from outdoor use

•   Indoor and outdoor all-weather speaker with fully-sealed cabinet
•   Available versions: 8-ohm and 70V
•   Available colors: black and white
•   Metal-alloy MDT mid/bass speaker cone delivers natural sound with ultra-low distortion
•   Extremely stable, long-lasting MDT cone structure
•   High efficiency and power handling for optimum performance
•   Dual-layer voice coil with separate inner and outer windings for high output with ultra-low distortion
•   MLS fluid voice coil suspension replaces distortion-causing mechanical spider
•   Compound rubber surrounds resist UV rays and salt spray
•   Gold-plated, rust-proof connectors
•   High-density, injection-molded cabinet resists chipping and scratching
•   Low-resonance   cabinet structure
•   Easy-to-grasp multi-faceted mounting brackets with 180° swivel
•   Easy to grip, oversized mounting knobs
•   Brackets mount with knobs attached for easier and safer installation in hard-to-reach locations
•   Heavy-gauge stainless steel bracket
•   Corrosion-resistant driver frames & mounting hardware
•   Attractive styling with “Armadillo” ridges for stiffness
•   2-way speaker system

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