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Bogen's ACD2X2 Drop-In Ceiling Speaker is a full-range, 1-watt, self-amplified speaker that is quick and easy to install. Simply wire it and drop it into place. Available in off-white (ACD2X2) and bright white (ACD2X2U). The ACD2X2 is 2' x 2', designed to fit perfectly into place in 2'x 2' ceiling grids - without needing to cut ceiling tiles. The ACD2X2 can also be easily installed in 2' x 4' ceiling grids using the included support rail.

• For use with both 2 ft. x 2 ft. and 2 ft. x 4 ft. suspended tile ceilings (support rail crossbar
included for 2 ft. x 4 ft. suspended tile ceilings)
• Finely perforated grille covers entire front of speaker
• Fully enclosed, industrial grade steel construction
• Self-contained 1-watt amplifier
• 8" main cone speaker, with secondary cone
• Front-mounted, recessed volume control
• Non-reflective finish, available in off-white (ACD2X2) and bright white (ACD2X2U)
• Seismic attachment points
• Plenum-Rated; Complies with UL-2043

The  speaker  shall  be  a  Bogen  Model  ACD2X2  (or ACD2X2U)  Drop-In  Self-Amplified  Ceiling  Speaker, which shall be fully enclosed and constructed of industrial  grade  steel.  It  shall  be  comprised  of  a  damped high-compliance factory-mounted 8" loudspeaker that
shall  consist  of  an  8"  treated  paper  cone  and  a  10-ounce magnet, including a secondary cone. The  unit  shall  have  a  1-watt  amplifier.  The  typical  current consumption shall be 1 CU (50 mA). Frequency response shall be 95 Hz - 12 kHz. Input sensitivity shall be  125  mVrms.  Input  impedance  shall  be  2k  ohms. Dispersion shall be 100°. The speaker shall have a non-reflective, off-white (or bright  white  for  ACD2X2U)  metal  finish  grille  with  a
recessed volume control accessible through front grille. It shall include 4 seismic attachment points. The speaker assembly will fit into 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' ceiling tiles. For 2' x 2' installations, a support rail shall not be needed and no cuts to the ceiling shall be necessary. For 2' x 4' installations, a single cut to the ceiling tile and an included support rail shall be needed. The  speaker  shall  measure  23-7/8"  W  x  5"  H  x  23-7/8" D and shall weigh 12 lb.

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