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The AFDS2 continuously supervises the operation of any main power amplifier and its standby amplifier in a sound system. If a fault is detected on the main amplifier causing a loss of as little as 2 dB, the AFDS2 automatically switches operation to the standby amplifier. When the fault to the main amplifier is corrected, operation is automatically switched back to the main amplifier.

Product Features:
• Monitors both main and standby power amplifiers
• 40 kHz Supervision frequency
• Automatically transfers operation to standby power amplifier
• LEDs and fault alert tone notify user of a 2 dB (adjust-able up to 12 dB) drop in either amplifier’s output
• Automatically restores operation to main power amplifier when problem is corrected
• Operates with 25V or 70V systems
• Screw terminal or phono jack connections
• Rear-panel adjustable controls for oscillator levels and detector sensitivities
• Rack-mountable

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