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The Bogen Ambient Noise Sensor system is designed to monitor continuously changing ambient noise levels and  electronically  adjust  the  level  of  a  page  announcement  and/or  background  music  so  intelligibility  is  maintained. The  system  consists  of  the  control  module  (Model  ANS501), a  microphone  module  (ANS500M), and a power supply.
The system ensures that page announcements and music are audible even during periods of high noise levels by continuously monitoring the ambient noise level through a microphone module located in the subject area and adjusting the paging signal level into the system’s amplifier.

•  Consists  of  an  ANS501 control  unit, an  ANS500M microphone module, and a power supply
•  Balanced input and output
•  Unbalanced input and output
•  Unbalanced stereo AUX inputs (summed mono)
•  AUX inputs bypass gain control feature
•  Remote defeat connections (to disable level boost)
•  Automatically adjusts level of page announcements
•  Run/Set mode switch
•  ANS501 can be wired in between preamp and power amp or to amplifier insert jacks
•  Maximum boost; activity threshold; relative gain;  AUX input level; ramp speed; and ambient MIC input threshold controls
•  Supports up to four microphones wired in parallel
•  Microphone wire run can be up to 2,000 feet with no appreciable loss of signal
•  Microphone  module  includes  an  adjustable  mounting bracket for precise positioning
•  Powered by a 12V wall-mounted power supply that operates from 120V AC

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