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The Bogen Enhancer Voice Enhancement System is a dual-channel, Infrared (IR) Wireless Microphone System designed to enhance a presenter's voice and distribute it throughout a room. Thus, listeners sitting anywhere in the room can hear the presenter's voice as clearly as if they were sitting at the front of the room. The Enhancer is now available with 3 standard microphones - headset, lavaliere, and body-pack. A handheld mic is available as an option.

Product highlights include:

Basic System includes dual-channel receiver, 3 microphones, 2 IR sensors, body-pack wireless transmitter, lanyard, and receiver power supply

Two wide-angle IR sensors allow for complete coverage of most rooms (extra sensors available)
Handheld wireless mic transmitter available

Wide-dispersion emitter array in transmitters
Available in 8 pre-packaged systems with amplifier and speakers

Extra sensors available for greater area coverage
Unbalanced mixed audio output Plenum-rated cables

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