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The  Bogen  HTA  Power  Amplifier  Series  are  high-performance units employing Power MOSFET technology. The unique characteristics of Power MOSFET  circuitry  make  them  ideally  suited  to  power amplifier design, providing far superior performance and reliability compared to other types of transistors. They offer higher efficiency, reduced heat, simpler overall design, reduced size and weight.

The  HTA125A  Model  supplies  125  watts  and  the HTA250A Model supplies 250 watts (RMS continuous output) at less than 0.5% total harmonic distortion from 20 to 20,000 Hz. An input signal of only 500mV  is  required  for  full  rated  output.  The  input impedances  are:  high-impedance  (50k  ohms) unbalanced;  low  impedance  (500/600  ohms, balanced  or  unbalanced)  with  optional  accessory transformer  Model  TL600.  Line  bridging  can  be
achieved  with  optional  transformer  Model  TL100. Residual  hum  and  noise  is  at  least  90  dB  below rated output and the output regulation is better than 2 dB from no load to full load.

The amps can drive a variety of load impedances. Outputs  include  4  ohms,  8  ohms,  25VCT  and  70 volts.  The  amplifiers  are  capable  of  safely  driving any  recommended  load  continuously.  The  HTA Series  amps  are  thermally  protected  to  prevent damage  due  to  excessively  high  temperatures. Additional  failure-preventive  devices  include
overload limiting, short circuit protection, and a Slo-Blo fuse.

Electronic  shutdown  circuitry  is  automatically  activated if an overload or short occurs and the front panel overload shutdown LED illuminates. Once the cause  has  been  rectified,  the  unit  automatically resets. The power ON/OFF switch, located on the front panel, illuminates when power is on. The rear panel  contains  an  input  level  control,  input  and
output  connections,  the  AC  line  fuse,  and  an auxiliary receptacle. A low-cut filter switch is located internally.

• Power MOSFET circuitry
• Capable of continuous operation at rated output power
• Frequency response ±1dB, 20 to 20,000 Hz at full rated output
• Distortion less than 0.5% THD, 20 to 20,000 Hz
• Multiple output voltages/impedances available
• Automatic overload protection
• Listed to UL Standard 60065 for US and Canada

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