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Unique Modular Design is Economical and Easy to Install

Bogen’s MCD-Series Speakers were designed to offer installers a low-cost alternative drop-in ceiling speaker. The speakers come in two parts, speaker module and grille, which are easily assembled by the installer. Wire connections can be made to the speaker module either before or after placement in the ceiling. The assemblies will fit into 2’ x 2’ and
2’ x 4’ ceiling grids. For 2’ x 4’ grid installs, a single cut to a ceiling tile is required, and the supplied tile support rail can be used.
Speaker Module: Model MCDMOD

This compact module is a component of your speaker assembly. The fully-enclosed speaker module has a 4-1/2” full-range speaker with a secondary  high-frequency  radiator.  Wide  coverage  angles  of  120 degrees produce a broad sound field for even coverage throughout the listening area. A rotary switch easily allows for power tap settings of 4, 2, 1, 0.5, and 0.25 watts. For use with 70V and 25V systems.


There are two grille options: The MCD1X2UGRILLE measures 1’ x 2’ and the MCD2X2UGRILLE measures 2’ x 2’. Both can be placed in either 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ tile grids, with the use of an included separate tile support rail. Each ceiling grille has a bright-white, powder-coated finish, is constructed of industrial grade steel, and includes 3 seismic attach-ment  points.  The  MCDMOD  speaker  module  simply  snaps  into  place over the perforated portion of the grille.

How To Order
For your convenience, speaker modules and ceiling grilles can be ordered as follows with a single model number:
MCD1X2U: MCDMOD speaker module and a 1’ x 2’ ceiling grille.*   
MCD2X2U: MCDMOD speaker module and a 2’ x 2’ ceiling grille.*

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