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The Bogen Mini Pendant Speakers are an excellent choice for high ceiling and open space
environments. The speakersʼ acoustic design delivers superb articulation and high intelligibility where  paging  and  music  applications  are  required.  The  sound  performance  technology  is wrapped in an attractive, compact, contemporary cabinet enclosure.

• For MPS1: Wide dispersion 4-1/2" driver and integral high-frequency radiator provide for broad,even coverage
• For MPS2: Wide dispersion 4-1/2" (nominal) low-frequency woofer and 3/4" high-frequency coaxial tweeter for broad, even coverage
• Superb off-axis response
• High-efficiency drivers deliver superior performance
• Designed to deliver maximum off-axis coverage
• Superior sound in a small, compact enclosure that is visually appealing
• For 70V and low-impedance systems
• Computer-matched venting system for extended bass output
• High-power handling capability for foreground sound or high ambient noise environments
• Selectable power taps via rear-mounted control; 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 watts @ 70V
• 16-ohm setting for non-transformer multi-speaker systems
• Quick & Easy wiring with snap-lock screw terminal connector
• Low-resonance cabinet structure improves mid-range clarity
• White or Black textured finish; easily paintable to match theme decors
• Attractive, contemporary, sturdy steel grille assembly with fine perforations
• Single attachment point for suspension and second point provided for safety cable
• Accessory 10-foot long cable kit for use as main drop cable or safety cable (Model CK10,
CK10W, or CK10B—sold separately)

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