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The Orbit Ceiling speakers are the ideal choice for various types of ceiling environments.

The OCS1(B) features MLS and MDT technologies (see below), which improve sound quality and increase operating reliability.

The low-distortion speaker design, featuring a spiderless driver and one-piece metal-alloy cone structure, delivers superb articulation and the highest intelligibility for both music and speech.

The speaker can be easily installed on hard surfaced ceilings, or in suspended ceilings and new construction (with the optional TBCR bracket).

MDT (Metal Diaphragm Technology)
• Solid, one-piece cone structure eliminates the traditional dust cap
• Extremely stable cone structure over long periods of time
• Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means low energy storage
• Special hard anodizing process creates a ceramic surface for increased stiffness
• Super-efficient thermal path for cooling the voice coil (not paper or plastic)
• High rigidity and low mass of metal versus typical paper or plastic cones MLS (Magnetic Liquid Suspension)
• Magnetic liquid (Ferrofluid) injected into magnet gap
• Elimination of the conventional cloth centering spider
• Constant lubrication of the gap prevents oxidation from occurring
• Voice coil is most efficiently cooled by fluid path rather than air
• Lower distortion via stronger centering forces on voice coil
• Increased reliability, particularly in high power daily use systems

• Wide-dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even 140° coverage
• Stable, high definition metal-alloy cone
• MDT cone design delivers detailed sound
• MLS eliminates conventional centering “spider” for more accurate voice coil centering
• High-efficiency drivers deliver superior performance
• Extremely good off-axis response
• Computer-matched venting system for full bass output
• High power handling capability for foreground sound
• Selectable power taps via front-mounted control
• 16-ohm input for non-transformer multi-speaker systems
• Easy wiring with snap-on connector
• Connector provides loop-through to next speaker
• Attachment point for seismic cable (safety cable)
• Input terminal cover with knockouts and safety eyelet provides protection for connections
• Low-resonance cabinet structure
• Off-white or Black finish; easily painted to match theme decors
• Listed to UL Standard 60065 for US and Canada
• Independently tested and meets requirements of UL-2043 (report available)
• Attractive, contemporary, sturdy steel grille assembly with fine perforation(s)
• Accessory tile bridge support ring (Model TBCR sold separately)
• Accessory 10-foot long cable kit (Model CK10 sold  separately)

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