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The Bogen Orator is a dual-channel, infrared (IR) wireless microphone/transmitter and mixer-amplifier system that is designed to enhance a presenter’s voice in all areas of the room. IR technology eliminates the interference and cross-talk from adjacent rooms that occurs with FM-based wireless products.

ORB35 Orator Base Unit Features:
• 7-Input mixer/amplifier/receiver with 4 AUX inputs, 1 priority paging (25V/70V/line), and 2 MIC/Transmitter inputs
• Dual front-mounted charging dock for MIC/Transmitter
• Amplifier output power: 35W
• Master Volume, plus separate volume controls for each input
• 8-band EQ – front-mounted bass and treble controls, plus 6-band rear-mounted graphic EQ
• Speaker impedances: 70V, 25V or 8-ohms
• Output feeds: booster amp, subwoofer
• Front-mounted AUX input
• Front-mounted system output (for assistive listening devices, recording, etc.)
• Page input with VOX-triggered priority override function
• Rotating, lockable front cover for tamper protection and secure storage of  IC/Transmitters and accessories
• Listed to UL Standard 60065 for US and Canada

OMX1 MIC/Transmitter Features:
• Can be used as a handheld microphone as well as worn on a lanyard around the neck or as a body-pack with a user-supplied external microphone
• Built-in microphone with volume control
• Adjustable lanyard with break-away clasp for neck-worn applications
• Rugged, reliable, spring-wire belt clip
• Use built-in microphone or external microphone depending on wear style
• AUX input for wireless connection of audio sources (computers, MP3 players, etc.)
• Rechargeable, high-capacity Li-ion battery included
• Comprehensive battery/status indicator

ORS IR Sensor Features:
• Remotely mounted sensor connects via standard coaxial cable
• Add multiple sensors to improve reception in trouble spots

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