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Bogen’s plug-in signal-processing output modules add a new level of convenience and flexibility to the Power Vector amplifier line in that they automatically insert themselves into the mix bus signal path leading to the power amplifier stage.
All Bogen output modules include an unbalanced input that is controlled by the amplifier’s input control so that the number of inputs is not forfeited when using an output module.

The PEQ1R is a 4-band equalizer that provides  2  mid  bands  of  parametric  equalization  control  with  adjustments  for  filter bandwidth (‘Q’), filter center frequency, cut or  boost  level, as  well  as  cut  or  boost  for bass and treble.

• 4-band equalizer
• 2 full parametric bands
• Center frequency control
• ‘Q’ bandwidth control
• Gain control
• Bass and Treble control
• Bypass switch
• Unbalanced input with low priority
• Gradual fade back from mute for unbalanced input

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