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The PM3180 amplifier incorporates three independent amplifier channels with a unique digital interface,  providing  the  ideal  solution  for  restaurant, lounge/bar hotel, factory or similar facilities where multiple  program  and  paging  inputs  need  to  be distributed  to  separate  areas  and  automatically switched.

The  PM3180  provides  up  to  4  AUX  inputs  and  2 MIC inputs that can be individually assigned to each amplifier channel (one of the mic inputs can be programmed for telephone paging applications). Each input on a particular channel can also be assigned
a priority level; the amp channel will then automatically  switch  inputs  based  on  input  activity. Microphones can be assigned to the highest priority levels: 1 or 2; and aux sources to levels 3, 4, 5, or 6.  For  example,  a  paging  microphone  can  be assigned priority level 1, a jukebox to level 3, and a radio  to  level  4.  In  this  configuration,  the  radio will  play  until  the  jukebox  becomes  active;  both inputs are overridden when the page microphone is activated.

The three integrated amplifier channels are rated at 100, 60, and 20 watts. All amplifiers have separate 4- and 8-ohm outputs as well as 25 and 70 volt taps. Audio processing inserts are also included for each amp channel to facilitate the connection of external signal processing equipment. Adjustable input trim controls adjust for differing audio source input levels.

The PM3180 includes a variety of useful features, including phantom power and automatic level control for microphones, choice of microphone precedence  activation  (VOX,  Contact  N.O.,  Contact N.C.), variable mute, and automatic fade-in of audio source  after  a  mic  page  or  when  switching  to  a lower priority.

All control functions can be adjusted from the front control panel, which is itself removable for installation  in  a  remote  location  away  from  the  amp chassis.  An infrared wireless remote control unit is also included and permits full control of all functions.

The amplifier has a user mode that lets personnel adjust the volume, bass and treble levels and manually  select  input  sources.    A  separate programming  mode lets  the  installer  customize  system operation, including the ability to preset the power-up  volume  level  of  each  input,  preset  treble  and bass  responses,  and  lock-out  or  inhibit  volume, bass  and  treble  controls,  set  priorities,  and  many more system parameters.  All programming steps
are  displayed  and  verified  on  the  units  large alphanumeric  LED  display  panel.    Programming can  be  accomplished  using  the  control  panel  or infrared  remote  control  unit.    All  programming  is password-protected.

With tremendous flexibility, the PM3180 provides an elegant solution to multi-zone sound management.


•   100, 60, and 20 watt channels
•   6 Priority levels with auto-switching
•   4 Auxiliary inputs
•   2 Microphone inputs; one converts to a telephone input
•   Wireless infrared remote controller
•   Volume and tone control lockout
•   User programmable LED display
•   Remote mountable front display panel
•   Password-protected system settings
•   Simple programming of system settings
•   3 Independent audio channels
•   Mounting kits available for wall (RMPWMK3) or rack (RPK79)
•   UL/ETL Listed

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