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Bogen’s RIO1S is a multi-functional module with a priority-controlled relay contact, transformer-balanced input, transformer-balanced output, and an RJ11 output for direct connection to the override input of a zone paging system.

The RIO1S provides a convenient way to integrate a Power Vector amplifier with a PCM zone paging system, allowing  full  use  of  the  Power  Vector’s  priority  structure  in  zone  paging  applications  for  more  sophisticated  paging capabilities.

•   Transformer-isolated, balanced line-level input
•   600-ohm or 10k-ohm (jumper selectable) input impedance
•   Transformer-isolated, balanced line-level output
•   8-ohm, 0.75W output
•   Input and output level controls
•   Relay responds to jumper selectable priority level
•   N.O. or N.C. jumper-selectable relay contact
•   External control of priority muting buses
•   Input can be muted from higher priority modules, with signal fade back
•   Output (normally gate) can be synched with priority relay operation
•   Output gating can be defeated via jumper
•   RJ11 connection  with  line  output  and  dedicated N.O. relay contact (allows easy connection to O/R port of Bogen telephone paging interfaces)

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