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Bogen Signature S4 & S5 Loudspeakers are compact, versatile, and feature unique driver technologies which produce impeccable sound quality. With their compact form factor, these speakers are an excellent fit for most indoor environments or protected outdoor locations. By using the latest Ferrofluid formulations and robust, oversized, voice coils, the
Bogen Signature speakers provide exceptionally high thermal endurance for unmatched long-term power handling and  durability. The proprietary MDT metal-alloy cone structure and spiderless MLS driver technology combine to create not only a sonically exceptional loudspeaker, but one which is highly resistant to moisture, humidity, heat, cold, salt, chlorine, and many other common environmental assaults.  Designed to both sound and look great, these speakers employ unique MDT and MLS technologies;  thick-walled,  low-resonance ABS enclosures; scratch-resistant, powder-coated aluminum grilles; and
compact, powder-coated cast aluminum swivel mounts.

Unique MDT (Metal Diaphragm Technology):
• Metal-alloy cones provide superior musical detail
• High rigidity and low mass of metal versus traditional papers and plastics (extremely stable cone structure)
• Fast transmission of sound through the diaphragm means lower energy storage, and a special anodizing process creates a ceramic coating for increased stiffness
• Efficient heat-sinking of voice coils for long-term, high-power situations

MLS (Magnetic Liquid Suspension):
• Eliminates distortion caused by traditional fabric centering “spiders”
• Voice coil is more efficiently heat-sinked by fluid instead of air and constantly centered for low distortion
• Greater linearity is accomplished because the mechanical spider is eliminated
• Constant lubrication of gap prevents oxidation from humid environs

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