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The  Bogen  Models  SBA225  and  SBA325  Room Selector Panels are designed for use with Bogen Multi-Graphic® and Multicom 2000® Systems. The SBA225 is also used in Bogen’s PI35A and SI35A Power Intercom systems.

These panels provide call annunciation (using LEDs) and tone signal in addition to room selection. The  panels  use  three  position, four-pole  lever-action switches  with  positive  detents.   In  the  SBA225, theses witches  are  used  to  selectively  connect  up  to  25
speaker-equipped  locations  to  either  a  PROGRAM, OFF  or  INTERCOM  channel.

In  the  SB A325, the switches selectively connect up to 25 speaker-equipped locations  to  either  a  PROGRAM–A,  OFF,  or  PRO-GRAM–B channel. The INTERCOM channel is selected by means of separate push on/off switches.  Channels are clearly identified with color-coded guide-lines  in  accordance  with  the  Multi-Graphic  operating method. Calls  from  staff  stations  are  initiated  by  a  momentary depression of a call origination switch,
which lights the corresponding LED on the selector panel and sounds a tone  signal  to  bring  attention  to  the  call.   The  LED remains “on”  until  the  call  is  acknowledged, at  which
time it is automatically cancelled.

The  room  selector  panels  permit  maximum  room selection to be accommodated in a minimum of space.

Each selector panel also has provisions for accommodating  the  add-on  Bogen  Model  TZMA  Time  Zone Module Adapter, providing up to six zones of time signalling, and/or the Model SCR25A Call-In Module, providing the circuits necessary when using call origination switches which do not contain silicon-controlled rectifiers.

The  room  selector  panels  are  designed  to  provide years of unfailing trouble-free operation. The switches are ruggedly constructed to withstand heavy usage and
are  designed  with  positive  detents  to  assure  proper positioning.  Lever  switches  are  self-wiping  to  prevent erratic operation, and precious metal contact surfaces ensure low contact resistance and consistent operating reliability. Switch  handles  are permanently  affixed  to  the  switch shafts, eliminating troublesome replacement problems. Further assurance of trouble-free operation is provided by the LEDs, which are designed to give years of efficient service.


• Color-coded guidelines
• Built-in LED annunciators
• Space-saving design
• Modular versatility

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