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The TBA15 amplifier allows a paging system to be used for hands-free, two-way conversation between a telephone system and remote speakers. The TBA15 uses the systems speakers as microphones and feeds this signal out to a telephone line. When the TBA15 senses an audio signal on the telephone line, it automatically switches its 15W amplifier on and uses the speakers in the system conventionally. Control of speech direction is maintained at the telephone handset.


• 15-watt amplifier
• Hands-free 2-way conversations through the paging system
• 600-ohm transformer-coupled telephone line input
• 25V or 70V balanced line outputs
• Adjustable sensitivity control for switching from listen to talk
• Adjustable switch-back delay prevents chopping of pages and provides smooth 2-way
• Talkback and page volume controls
• Talkback frequency shaped for maximum intelligibility and background noise rejection
• Power ON LED
• Mute input forces amplifier to go into page mode
• Control of speech direction is maintained at the telephone handset
• Electronic switching, no relays
• Resettable circuit breaker with thermal protection
• Operates from a 120V AC, 60 Hz source
• Finished in black enamel
• Wall or 19" rack mount
• FCC Part 68 registered

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