Call Recording Single-line analog desktop – Stores calls on Host PC or SD Card

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Desktop Analog
Recall every conversation using the power of your PC
The UA-1 Professional Universal Adapter 3.0 is
the perfect entry level hardware for desktop
recording applications. Although it’s our basic
hardware model, it has many sophisticated features
not available on other recorders.
Almost every company has a call record
application that can deliver substantial
business benefits. What’s yours?
Flexible set-up for multiple applications
Set-up options include:
• Record all calls, manually select which to record
• Use compression to save disc space
• Save calls locally or on a network server for centralized
monitoring and playback.
The Universal Adapter 3.0 can connect directly onto
any analog telephone line making a recording log of
incoming callers (with caller ID if enabled) and
outgoing dialed calls. The Universal Adapter 3.0 can
also connect to any IP, digital or analog business
telephone at the handset curly cord.
Complete with XtR Desktop software, and installed
in minutes, the Universal Adapter 3.0 delivers the
best analog desktop connectivity and recording on
the market.

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