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Bogen's Wall-Mount Power Vector modular amplifiers offer a wide range of power from which to choose from, with three models ranging from 100W to 250W.  The amplifiers are designed to work with both high- (70/25V) and low- (4/8-ohm) impedance speaker systems.

Each model includes eight module bays for plug-in input modules and allows for up to four levels of priority between modules. Two module bays are capable of accepting signal processing plug-in output modules. Each module is controlled by an independent volume control with an associated signal/clip LED for signal status. An 11-segment LED output meter monitors output signal level.

Each model includes a motorized master volume control that can be controlled using a remote volume control panel (RVCP, sold separately).


• 100-,150-, and 250-watt models, each with a large power reserve
• Capable of handling 70V, 25V, 8-ohm, and 4-ohm speaker loads
• 8 module bays
• Wide selection of advanced plug-in modules
• 2 module bays capable of handling signal processing plug-in output modules
• 4 levels of priority between modules
• 11-segment LED output level meter monitors the output level of the power amplifier with Peak and Average meter switch
• Adjustable output level limiter with limit indicator
• Tape output available on front of unit
• Optional front-mounted input combo jack with 1/4" stereo phone and female XLR capabilities
• Motorized master volume control can be remotely operated
• Bass and treble controls with center detent
• Two-color LED for each channel indicates input active/clipping
• Switch permits user to select either transformer-coupled outputs or a direct low-impedance output
• Bass and treble control bypass switch (located in module bay 6)
• 125 Hz Lo-cut feature (switch located in module bay 6)
• 5-position barrier strip, with clamping washers, provides connections for speaker loads
• Master mute function overrides all audio from the mixer section of the amplifier
• Screw terminal for master mute and remote volume control functions
• Each of the 8 module bays has an associated independent volume control
• Remote volume control panel (RVCP) (sold separately)
• Requires flush-mount (Model BBF) or surface-mount (Model BBS) back boxes (sold separately)
• Requires front cover door (WMAD sold separately)
• Listed to UL Standard 60065 for US and Canada

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